Friday, November 14, 2008

Season's Greetings

This year I am doing Christmas Cards once again. I love doing something cute and sending it to complete strangers and making them smile. I already got the cards I liked; now I am decorating them with glitter to make them more personal and more eye appealing.

- Kristen


Olivia Lopez said...

The thing is I don't even party a lot. I hav 15 hour school days and I socially go out once every two weeks, and when I do it's almost always documented. and when I do i get criticism for it. it's like this is my life and I'm living, why are people so obligated to talk bad about it? but thankyou I appreciate your comment alot haha :]

Tomorrow is Already Here said...

sweet! i believe you sent me one last year! I'll send you my address though the space, and send me yours! :]

Tomorrow is Already Here said...

get one! they're so fun! I really hope my dad, or lover gets me one!