Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Lately I have been diving into it head first. So recently I went on the hunt for a crystal, which I found one to wear around my neck at a little Indian shop at the mall. Each crystal stood for a different thing most help you avoid negative things and make you more aware of stuff around you or to actually help your health. But I choose a Quartz which helps absorbs negative energies. Which I seem to have always nipping at my heels. If I could I'd pack all my belongings, find a small cottage in the woods and call it home sweet home. Away from people, away from cities, away from traffic, have no worries what so ever. If only it was not a dream and was a reality. Or at least a summer/winter get away.

- Kristen


Tomorrow is Already Here said...

you're absolutely gorgeous.

nyree-rose said...

that's a beautiful necklace.